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Design is about telling people stories. It is about creating work that centers on a connection, driven by an emotion that resonates with people. In order to marry client and consumer, design needs to be rich in empathy in order to function for the client, while impassioning their audiences. I love finding these stories and strategizing ways to communicate them through designing branding, assets, and activation.

As a professor, I strive for my students to not only succeed, but to push themselves further into creative innovation. I aim to create an exciting classroom where students are free to experiment and try new things. Ultimately, design needs to be successful, but I believe a fear of failure often prevents students from wanting to explore outside of documented successes. As a result, I tell my students that there’s nothing new or interesting about something that has already been proven successful. This has resulted in an impressive drive and desire to create. I have found that treating my students as professional designers, and setting my expectations in accordance with that, has strengthened their student approach to design problem solving.

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